Trip Leaders

This page details the requirements and guidelines for Leading Trips in GoBush 4WD club.

You must be a member to lead a trip

Track Marshals
All trips must have at least 1 Track Marshal for every 5 non-track-marshal vehicles.

All trips must have at least 1 member for each visitor (so that visitors can’t outnumber members).

All club policies must be adhered to. This includes our safety policysmoking policydog policy, membership policy and code of ethics.

Post a trip
To post a trip, send an email to the webmaster containing the info, such as destination, description, what to bring, trip ratings, meeting time and place etc.

Indemnity forms
Make sure that all visitors fill out an Indemnity Form for our records. This can be done in advance, or you can print some out and bring to the meeting point for filling out before the trip commences.

Drivers meeting
At the meeting point, just before departing, the trip leader needs to have a brief “drivers meeting”, to give a rough outline of the trip details. Include such things as duration, distance, plans for any lunch stops / breaks, and details of any stages that may be of higher difficulty.

Make sure everyone has UHF coms and advise the correct channel to be on, usually 28. It’s a good idea to do a radio check from front to back of vehicle convoy, either just before departing, or just after departing.

Tail end Charlie
Nominate a “Tail End Charlie” who will be second in charge, and use to confirm the convoy heard instructions for turns etc.

Guidance / Recoveries
Make sure there are adequate Track marshals on the trip, and make sure that they guidance to less experienced members or visitors over difficult terrain, and co-ordinate recoveries.

Headlights On
Whilst in convoy, make sure all vehicles have their headlights on, and you stick to the left lane where possible.

It’s the trip leaders responsibility to oversee the conduct of participants, and to correct anyone who is driving incorrectly or recklessly, not following our policies, or using bad language etc.