New member nomination procedure

1.  A visitor generally must complete a minimum of three off road trips before being considered for membership
2. Once the visitor has completed the required trips and wants to join, they must be nominated by an existing club member via a Committee Member, who then emails the group
3. Replies are collated after one week by the member who originally nominated the visitor.
         1. If responses are negative, the Chairman contacts the visitor to inform them of the decision
         2. If responses are vague or indecisive, the Committee will vote on membership.
         3. If responses are positive, the Secretary sends an initial email advising membership has been accepted subject to payment of membership fees.
4. The new member then contacts the Treasurer to advise payment of membership fees has been made. They need to provide personal/vehicle details as well as details about their payment to the Treasurer.
5. The Treasurer contacts the Secretary to advise payment has been made and passes on all other details.
6. The Secretary passes these details onto the Webmaster who adds them to the members database / web page.
7. An email is sent to Skip advising that the new members email address must be added to the group email list.
8. Secretary sends welcome email to new member advising them of club No Smoking policy, group email policy and Secure page details.
9. Also included in the email will be information relating to the clubs equipment, UHF channels used by the club (primary 28, alternative 14, tertiary 21). Hand held UHF receivers are available from the club equipment for the first few trips.
10. A recommendation that new members should have recovery points installed on their vehicle ASAP.