This page is an index to important information on this web site.

About UsAbout our club… when it was formed, and what we are all about.
Code of EthicsOur ethics, principals, and code of conduct.
Smoking PolicyOur smoking policy, detailing our stance on smoking
Dog PolicySo, you want to bring your 4-legged friend? Better read this one!
Safety PageWe take safety seriously, and follow the principals in this document
Joining GoBushInformation for people interested in joining our club, including pricing
Membership policyMembership general information, terms and conditions.
Group Email PolicyGuidelines on usage of the club’s group email facility
Honour BoardList of members who have provided years of service to the club.
Awards PageList of awards: Trip leader of the year & Attendee of the year.
Trip LeadersA guideline for members on how to lead trips
Indemnity FormThe Indemnity form that visitors on trips must complete
EquipmentA list of club equipment available for loan to Trip Leaders